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Dominican, 23... Degree in Marketing from the Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago (UTESA). Living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
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Summer is here!

Which of these you choose?

Decor&You Spring + Early Summer
Making your home decor dreams a reality! Decorating and interior design ideas that inspire


you could kill a man in any of these dresses, and pretty sure no jury would convict you. those are killing-men dresses, that’s what i’m saying


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Model: Joi

Photographer: Oye Diran | Arista Imagery

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¡Unete a Castillo Furioso: Castle Clash! ¡El mejor juego!


For every season, there is a salad.

Recipe roundup: Spring Salads.

¡50 publicaciones!

¡50 publicaciones!

Todo el mundo piensa en cambiar a la humanidad, pero nadie piensa en cambiarse a si mismo.
Leon tolstoi.